• Account - Can I change my username?
    We do not facilitate self change. If you have a legitimate reason to change your username, please email support.
  • Account - What do you do with my personal info?
    We use your personal information mostly for withdraw purposes, and the "Know your customer" requirements (see here). Some information can be displayed like your age, location, gender, and location (not address). But you have full control to allow/disallow this information under your account settings.
  • Account - Can I change accounts types in the future.
    A fan to become a star. However the process is manual so you will need to send a request to support. But since as an active star you are responsible for your fans, we do not allow changing back to a fan. Only if you have not sold any tokes, or you buy back all your tokes from your fans. You can send support a request and we can discuss your options.
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